On-Site Barbeque

Jagu's provide an on-site BBQ service, where we will “sizzle” cook Jagu’s Chicken Tikka and Sheesh Kebab right in front of your eyes and to the amazement of your guests. Jagu’s Chicken Tikka is our flagship dish and we simply cannot be beaten in the taste-stakes, you simply need to try it for yourself.  Let Jagu's take away the hassle and gruelling tasks involved in having a barbeque and have time to enjoy your party. 

Jagu's will:

  • Setup the BBQ;
  • Cook all ordered food;
  • Clean any mess made by us.

We charge a starting rate of £349.99 + your order for our special on-site BBQ service, for a maximum of 4 hours and 50 people (delivery charge applicable).  For further information or to enquire about a booking please contact us on 0116 223 8508 or email Jagu's at info@jagus.co.uk

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26 Wylam Close, Leicester, LE3 9BW
Tel: 0116 223 8508 E-mail: info@jagus.co.uk
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