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All orders must be placed with a minimum of 1 week's notice prior to the date the order is required.  See Payment Terms (About Jagu's section) for full detail about lead times and deposits.

Based on the size of your order, Jagu's will require a minimum of 70% of the total cost of your order as deposit and fully confirm a booking.  Please see Payment Terms for further details.  Jagu's currently accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cash; 
  • Bank Transfer (BACS).

Jagu's reserves the right to cancel any order with a minimum of 1 week's notice of the date an order is required.  A maximum of 75% of any payment made will be refunded.  If an order is cancelled, the customer will be contacted and advised. However, where possible Jagu's will endeavour to provide alternative options and assistance.

If you wish to cancel an order it must be cancelled with a minimum of 1 week's notice from the date required. A maximum of 75% of any monies paid will be refunded.  Jagu's must be informed of any cancellations via email and/or phone.  Jagu's will send a email confirmation of the cancellation within 24 hours, only then it will be confirmed as a cancellation.

a. If an order is cancelled 4 or more weeks prior to the date the food is required 75% of any monies paid is refundable;
b. If an order is cancelled 3 weeks prior to the date the food is required 70% of any monies paid is refundable;
c. If an order is cancelled 2 weeks prior to the date the food is required 60% of any monies paid is refundable;
d. If an order is cancelled 1 week prior to the date the food is required 50% of any monies paid is refundable;
e. If an order is cancelled less than 1 week prior to the date the food is required NO monies paid is refunable.  However in exceptional circumstances we will work with you to determine a suitable refund (please note: this is entirely at Jagu's descretion).

Loan Policy
Jagu's regularly will deliver food in special large pots and saucepans, in which the food is cooked in.  These carry a substantial value and for this reason a deposit will be required whilst any items are in your possession, this deposit is fully refundable once the item is returned.  A minimum of £50 is required for 1 item, £100 for 2 and a maximum of £200 is required for 3 or more [up to 5].

Items should been returned fully washed, within 1 week of the date of the order, late returns will result in 50% of deposit being refunded only.  Failure to return an item will result in Jagu's invoicing the customer for a replacement and none of the deposit is refunded.  In addition lost or damagesd to items will also be invoiced to you and therefore we insist you take care of any loaned items in your possession.

Health & Safety
Jagu's follows strict HACCP guidelines on food production, handling, storage and distribution.  We take every step to ensure the food supplied is safe. In the unlikely event that a complaint is raised and Jagu's is found to be at fault via local Health Department tests, our product and/or public liability cover will be used to manage the case.  A copy of Jagu's Public Liability Insurance Policy is available on request, but may not be fowarded to another party or be used in any other means - without our strict written concent.  You may also find a copy of our latest National Food Standards Agency Report at: http://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/256893/Jagu's?q=Jagu%27s&sm=1&pi=1   

Jagu's does not accept liability for injury, loss or damage of any sort caused by improper methods of receipt, holding, storage, re-heating and serving of Jagu's food. In the interests of food safety, Jagu's also reserves the right to suspend or cancel an order if we feel the kitchen area is in an unsatisfactory condition for the safe delivery of food.  This will also apply for all orders undertaken outside from Jagu's Kitchen area, including any on-site orders.  For on-site orders the customer undertakes responsibility to ensure preparation and cooking areas are clean and sanitised for the safe production, cooking and delivery of food.  Jagu's reserves the right to withhold all charges and will require any outstanding balance, in the event that we determine an on-site area unsafe to provide and cook from.  If you require further information on how to ensure this does not occur then please email us at info@jagus.co.uk placing "Health & Safety" in the subject field.

Food Safety
To ensure the safe production, handling, storage and distribution of Jagu's Self-Cook Range, Jagu's strictly follows HACCP guidelines on food safety. At the point of sale, customers must ensure that the supplied instructions to transport, store and cook these items are followed properly.  Jagu's does not accept liability for injury, loss or damage of any sort caused by failure to understand and/or carry out instructions.

The use of nuts is kept to an absolute minimum and where an item does contains nuts it is clearly labelled, if you are unsure about any of Jagu's products please contact us at info@jagus.co.uk for further information. When placing an order it is the customer's responsibility to ensure Jagu's are advised of any special dietary requirements or allergy causing ingredients.  Jagu's accepts no liability for  for injury, loss or damage of any sort caused through food allergies.

Jagu's uses 100% Halal meat and poultry produce only from a fully Halal certified supplier. Jagu's will only supply non-Halal produce if specifically requested.

On-site Barbeque and Catering
For all orders undertaken at a customer's premises you must ensure Jagu's has sufficient room to conduct our work safely.  We may also require the use of electricity for lighting and power, considerations for which should be made prior or during booking.  For the health and safety of those present, we will insist on guests keeping away from the working area, particularly when there is a barbeque or other cooking equipment running.  Jagu's does not accept liability for injury, loss or damage of any sort caused by failure to understand and/or carry out our instructions or requests.  In addition we may request to carry out a risk assessment prior to undertaking any on-site orders, in line with current legislation and reserve the right to suspend or cancel an order if we determine there to be a risk to the health & safety to those present.

Although Jagu's will clean any mess made by us during an on-site barbeque, customers will be required to dispose of any waste or leftovers from an order.  To assist you as best we can we may decide to remove as much waste as possible, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you manage your own waste.

Collection and Delivery Policy 
Please specify at the time of receving your Jagu's quote, whether you require colletion or delivery.  You can collect your order free of charge at an agreed time.  Please make full considerations on the type of transport being used the collect food, we will do our best reduce packaging to save space but it is ultimately your responsibilty to ensure food can be safely tranported to the location.  You must also ensure food is transported directly to the required location, within 2 hours of collection.  This will significantally reduce to less than 1 hour in hot or warm temperatures and food should be placed in a refridgeratror as soon as possible and/or thoroughly reheated before consumption.

Deliveries will be charged from a minimum of £50.

Privacy Policy
Jagu's may use personal information about customers for business purposes only, we will not display customer addresses, including email or phone numbers publically or sell this information to a third party or market research companies.  The information may however be used by Jagu's for promotional purposes in future, if you do not wish to receive promotional information please send a blank email to info@jagus.co.uk placing "opt-out" in the subject field.

For your safety Jagu's abides by regulations under the Data Protection Act 1998, currently Jagu's is not officially registered with the governmental body.  But nevertheless any information stored by us, either in electronic or print form is safe.

Image Policy
Images contained on all electronic or print media remain the property of Jagu's, either through purchase, own or contracted photography.  In most cases we display "actual" images to represent Jagu's food to provide an accurate representation of the type of food you order.  However Jagu's reserves the right to use stock or purchased images where necessary, but endeavour to use images that are similar to or as close of possible to our actual products.

All content including text, photographs, images and layout on Jagu's website and any document in hard copy format remain the property of Jagu's 2009©. The distribution, copying and/or use of this information is strictly forbidden without Jagu's permission.

By accessing Jagu's website and/or placing an order with Jagu's you are accepting the Terms & Conditions outlined on this page. If you do not agree with any of the Terms & Conditions leave this website now.  For your information we may record calls for reference and training purposes only. 

Jagu's Terms & Conditions is not an exhaustive list, policies are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. If you have any concerns or queries with any of Jagu's policies please contact us at info@jagus.co.uk with "Jagu's Policy in the subject field.

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