Self-Cook Range


At Jagu's we have developed a number of great and innovative ideas to speed up how you can get the quality and taste of Jagu's food.  Why should only those having weddings and parties enjoy our fantastic foods?  

Our unique self-cook range of food gives you the opportunity to order our great food, whilst becoming involved in the cooking experience you can enjoy with family and friends.

Self-cook food is what is says, Jagu's will freshly prepare your order, package and deliver to you when required.  Once received you can cook and serve the food.  You and your guests will simply not be satisfied until you have more of the "easy-to-do" range of succulent Jagu's food.  Items can also be frozen for use at a later date, please freeze on receipt of any food items from Jagu's.

Currently available in Jagu's self-cook range includes:

  • Jagu's Chicken Tikka 
  • Jagu's Lamb Sheesh Kebab (supplied as prepared mince)
  • Jagu's Tandoori Drumsticks
  • Jagu's Jhinga
  • Jagu's Macchi Tikka
  • Jagu's Lamb or Chicken Mince Somosas
  • Jagu's Vegetable Somosas
  • Jagu's Spring Rolls
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